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Chairman Yang Le


With the development trend of the fine and basic chemical industry, and the development needs of the company combined, Jinrui Chemical Investment initiated the establishment of the Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. (ticker symbol: 002597). With the unremitting efforts of all staffs, as well as friends in the community, caring and supporting of the leadership, Jinhe has become well developed that it gained more strength, which lays great foundation for a strong corporate culture and future development.

    Jinhe Industrial went public on July 7, 2011 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We certainly is standing at a new starting point, and we feel the heavy responsibility on our shoulders. With all the hard work from all the staffs, we hope we could bring the company into new leap forward. In the future, we will continue to uphold the fine tradition of the past, and make more efforts to improve our management and products quality. We will continue strengthen the company, and pay back our investors with the great return.

     Development is the key for the survival of any enterprise, and innovation is the key for the growth of any enterprise. Jinhe Industrial combines its resources with technology to inspire more innovation, and uses the force from the management, the staffs and the clients to ensure development. We will continue to be a leader in basic chemical products, and keep the development of fine chemical products. We will insist on our core strategy, which emphasizes innovation and diversification. Starting from a new point, Jinhe Industrial has entered into the best time for rapid development. We will endeavor to create greater value for shareholders, and promote the sustainable and stable development for the company. We will take great responsibility for our staffs, clients, community and shareholders. Jinhe will not let anyone down to fulfill social responsibility.         

Finally, thanks everyone for your support. We appreciate your care about the company, and hope you will continue to pay attention of the development of this company. Let us bring Jinhe Industrial Co. together to the new world!