Carrying Forward the Virtue of Respecting the Elderly, Comforting the Elderly Persons of No Family in Nursing House

Date:2019-07-19 Views:1659

Carrying out Sympathy Activity in Chuzhou No. 2 Nursing House

The picture shows No. 1 and No. 2 Nursing Houses in Xin’an Town. The company sent rice, olive oil, eggs, pressed salted duck and cash gifts to the elderly. The related personnel talked with the elderly face to face, carefully listened to their living conditions in the nursing houses, and extended greetings for the Spring Festival to them.

In every Spring Festival in lunar calendar, the company will go to the nursing houses to carry out sympathy activities, which have been carried out for several years. The company always puts its concern for the elderly persons of no family into practical actions to bring warmth to the hearts of the elderly. Although there are not many donations, the company hopes that through its actions, it can send a caring and warm feeling to the elderly so that they can spend a harmonious Spring Festival and feel the warmth of the company in the cold winter.