Reporting Situations
(I) The company’s employees accept the gifts, presents, banquets, tourism and other improper benefits in any form from the suppliers and other partners;
(II) The company’s cadres and employees have illegal and undisciplined behaviors, for example, duty encroachment, theft and misappropriation of funds, embezzlement of and intentional damage to the corporate assets, etc.;
(III) The company’s cadres and employees accept bribes, extort bribes, introduce bribes or seek improper benefits;
(IV) The company’s cadres take advantage of their positions to seek improper benefits for themselves or specific related parties;
(V) The company’s employees receive kickbacks, commission charges or other benefits for individuals or teams;
(VI) The company’s employees carry out connected transactions or violate the provisions on conflict of interest;
(VII) Other behaviors that violate the company systems or result in economic losses or adverse impacts on the company due to work.
Complaint Channel
  • Complaint call
  • Complaint email
  • Appointment visit
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  • Other forms
    The way the complainer thinks fit
If the problems complained by the complainant are verified to be true, a certain amount of rewards will be given based on the recovery of economic losses or the improper benefits affirmed by the judicial organ to be obtained by the respondent.