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In daily consumption field, the company mainly provides maltol and other products for the customers. Maltol is mainly used as a raw material for daily use chemical essence in daily consumption field, and has been widely applied to various daily use chemicals such as toothpaste, tobacco, lipstick, wine, etc. The daily consumption field is one of the business sectors that the company focuses on in its development strategy. The company will make full use of the advantages of existing technologies, supply chains, costs, etc., and conform to the demands of the public for continuously improving the quality of the products in daily consumption field, and further expand the varieties of the products in daily consumption field to meet the demands of the vast customers and consumers.
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Molecular formula: C6H6O3

Molecular weight: 126.11 (according to 2007 International Relative Atomic Mass)

Maltol is a kind of broad-spectrum taste enhancer featured with taste increase, enhancement and sweetener. It can be used for flavoring agents, perfume chemicals etc. and widely applied in tobacco, wine, cosmetics, and other industries, highlighting obvious effects. MORE