Enterprises are the creators of social wealth and must also be faithful performers of social responsibilities. As a member of the society, the enterprises cannot be separated from the society for their development. Jinhe Industrial takes social responsibility as its own duty, actively invests in public welfare undertakings, continues to carry out the plans of giving financial help for the needy and donating money for education, carries forward the spirit of “thinking of the source of wealth, being rich and aggressive, helping those in distress and making common prosperity”, implements the General Secretary Xi’s solemn promise that “none can be left behind on the road to a well-off life”, takes the initiative, and has the courage to take social responsibility. In addition, for many years, the company has actively innovated the education aid carriers, enriched the forms of education aid, sent warmth to poor students and disadvantaged groups in the society, become a brand in the donations for education in “Project Hope”, “Spring Buds Program” and “Glorious Cause”, and won wide acclaim from the society.