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In medicine and health field, main products of the company include maltol, 2-(chloromethyl)-3,4-dimethoxypyridine hydrochloride (PHC), methyl acetoacetate, etc., as well as various pharmaceutical intermediates that have been developed and put into production in succession. PHC is used as an irreplaceable raw material for a new generation of stomach medicine pantoprazole. Maltol is not only an upstream raw material of PHC, but also used in Chinese patent medicine and health care products due to its aroma enhancement effect. Relying on existing industrial base, and based on the advantages accumulated in industry chain expansion and R&D, the company will further intensify scientific and technological innovation, continuously introduce more competitive products and pharmaceutical intermediates applied to medicine and health field, and assist in upgrading the products in medicine and health field to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
Product Name Product Character Product Application Details
Methyl acetoacetate
Methyl butanoate

Molecular formula     C5H8O3

molecular weight     116.1152

CAS number     105-45-3

It’s used in organic synthesis of pesticide, medicine, dye, polymer stabilizer, etc. MORE
2-(chloromethyl)-3,4-dimethoxypyridine hydrochloride

Molecular formula: C8H11Cl2NO2

Molecular weight: 224.08 (according to 2007 International Relative Atomic Mass)

2-(chloromethyl) - 3,4-dimethoxypyridine hydrochloride (PHC) is a white to yellowish powder.

PHC is an irreplaceable important intermediate for preparing the proton pump inhibitor pantoprazole. The properties of PHC products have a decisive influence on the synthesis of pantoprazole. MORE