• Safety management
    Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. always adheres to the concept of “environmental protection first, safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment” and pursues the goal of “zero injury, zero pollution and zero accident”.
  • Safety Commitment of General Manager
    General manager of the company is the first responsible person for safety production of the unit, who is fully responsible for the safety production work of the company, implements the safety production foundation and the basic responsibility system, and has an obligatory responsibility for the safety affairs of the company
  • Ten Bans on Safety Production
    1. Smoking in the plant area is strictly prohibited. It’s strictly prohibited to bring the cigarette and kindling into inflammable and explosive areas. In case of any violator, corresponding labor contract will be terminated.
  • Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Health Objectives

    1. Safety production objectives

    2. Environmental protection objectives

    3. Occupational health objectives

  • Safety Production Working Policy

    Safety first and prevention first.

    All personnel participation and comprehensive management.

    Optimize working environment and protect employees’ health.

    Strengthen scientific management to ensure sustainable development.

  • Work Requirements

    Seven think-of and seven not-implement

    Think of safety bans, do not implement if the bans are not obeyed;

    Think of safety risks, do not implement if the risks are not clear;

    Think of safety measures, do not implement if the measures are not perfect;

  • Safety Concept

    1. Safety comes from design, safety comes from management and safety comes from responsibility.

    2. The person who takes charge of the business shall be responsible, the person who takes charge of the region shall be responsible, and the person who takes charge of the post shall be responsible.

    3. Safety training must be accepted before taking up the post, and those who fail to pass the training shall not take up the post.

    4. Everyone has the right to refuse unsafe work and everyone has the right to stop unsafe acts.