Safety Commitment of General Manager

Date:2019-07-17 Views:2332

1. General manager of the company is the first responsible person for safety production of the unit, who is fully responsible for the safety production work of the company, implements the safety production foundation and the basic responsibility system, and has an obligatory responsibility for the safety affairs of the company;  

2. Establish a safety standardization management system, comprehensively and continuously identify, evaluate and control the risks related to production and operation, regularly formulate feasible safety standardization objectives, and continuously improve the company’s safety management performance through the efforts of all employees to ensure personal and property safety;

3. Abide by national laws & regulations, industrial standards and various rules & regulations of the company;

4. Provide necessary human, material and financial resource support to ensure the realization of safety objectives of the company;

5. Give priority to safety standardization in production and business activities, enlarge the investment in safety standardization construction, strengthen the improvement of production technology and equipment, and formulate effective emergency measures to prevent various accidents such as fire, explosion, leakage of toxic and harmful gases, casualties, etc.

6. Strengthen the safety publicity and training of all employees to improve the safety production awareness of all employees;

7. Carry out risk management and conduct risk evaluation on a regular basis;

8. Strengthen the management on employee labor protection to ensure the health of all employees;

9. Strengthen the safety management of contractors and suppliers and put an end to illegal operations;

10. Conduct safety standardization inspection and assessment regularly to improve the safety management performance continuously;

11. The main person-in-charge of each department of the company is the first responsible person for safety. Each employee has a duty-bound responsibility for safety production of the company. Safety standardization performance is an important basis for the company to reward and hire employees and to select contractors and suppliers.