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Food and beverage field
In food and beverage field, the company provides customers with high-quality food additive products, mainly including sweeteners: acesulfame and sucralose; spices: methyl maltol, ethyl maltol, methyl cyclopentenolone (MCP) and glucosyl steviol glycosides, and a complete set of application solutions for food and beverage. The products have been widely applied to carbonated beverages, functional beverages, fruit juice, milk tea, coconut juice, fresh tea beverages, dairy products, meat products, pastry, preserved fruit, betel nut and other food and beverages. Meanwhile, the company also provides application solutions for the products in food sub-fields, including dairy products, beverages, candies, baking, meat products, etc., to help the innovation in less-sugar healthy food and convey the concept of less-sugar healthy life. In the future, the company will continuously consolidate and enhance its existing advantages. While mastering the customers in advantageous industries and their demand trends, relying on the continuous progress of chemistry and biotechnology, the company will further promote the upgrading of products in food and beverage field and optimize the product structure. Moreover, in line with the Healthy China 2019-2030 development planning issued by the State Council, the company will promote the construction of food nutrition standard system, and take “LeSweet”, the first product in TO C field as the representative to open up a new field of sugar substitute industry.
Product Name Product Character Product Application Details
Potassium acetylsulfonate (also known as acesulfame, AK sugar)

Molecular formula: C4H4NO4SK

Molecular weight: 201.24 (according to 2007 international relative atomic mass)

Appearance: Colorless crystalline or white crystalline powder, odorless

Acesulfame is widely used in food, beverage, oral hygiene, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields. MORE
Sucrose trichloride (also known as sucrose)

Chemical name: 4,1', 6', -trichloro-4,1', 6', -trideoxygalactose

Molecular formula:C12H19Cl3O8

Molecular weight: 397.64 (according to 2007 international relative atomic mass)

Sucralose is generally used with other natural or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame, etc. in beverages, chewing gum, dairy products, preserved fruit, syrup, bread, pastry, ice cream, jam, jelly, pudding, flavored milk, sauce and sauce products, vinegar, oyster sauce, soy sauce, mustard sauce, breakfast cereals, sweet milk powder, candy, fermented wine, jam products, hot processed fruits or dehydrated fruits, baked goods, fruit fillings, solid beverages, concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, salad dressings and other processed food. Meanwhile, it can also be used in healthcare food and medicine. In addition, it’s widely used in edible sweetener field in European and American countries. MORE