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Molecular formula: C4H4NO4SK

Molecular weight: 201.24 (according to 2007 international relative atomic mass)

Appearance: Colorless crystalline or white crystalline powder, odorless

Consulting hotlineDomestic trade 05505635858 (Manager Wu) /foreign trade 05505619090 (Manager Zhang)

Product Application

Acesulfame is widely used in food, beverage, oral hygiene, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields.

Product Specification and Packing Specification

30-mesh: the products passing through 30-mesh screen reach 85±5%; 60-mesh: the products passing through 60-mesh screen reach 85±5%; 80-mesh fine powder: the products passing through 80-mesh screen reach 85±5%; 100-mesh superfine powder: the products passing through 100-mesh screen reach 85±5%; Custom-made goods in special mesh number: the special mesh number distribution requirements of specific customers must be satisfied (the special requirements shall be transferred to Quality Control Department by salesman);