Speech by Chairman

  “Endure great hardships in pioneer work to open up the mountain forest, and difficulty is the nurse of greatness.” Jinhe Industrial, as a grass-roots enterprise that was started from a small nitrogenous fertilizer plant with the fragrance of soil, has been marching forward regardless of hardships for more than 20 years. It considers the strengthening of internal management as the acting point, insists on management and technological innovation, and adheres to the circular economy development concept. Under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of being “united, aggressive, practical and innovative” and the work style of being “strict, meticulous, effective and fast”, and by virtue of its indomitable fighting spirit and yearning for a better life, the company has made concerted efforts and concentrated on hard work practically. In addition, with the care, help and support of the Party committees and governments at all levels and all sectors of society, and with the joint efforts of all employees, it has withstood severe tests, seized the opportunities, steadily enhanced its strength and accumulated profound enterprise culture of Jinhe characteristics in all previous economic cycles and industrial upgrading, which have laid a solid foundation for the sustainable, healthy and stable development of Jinhe Industrial in the future.   


  Looking at the industry from the perspective of the company, we have mixed feelings: the achievements made by us in the past over 20 years are only an entrance ticket for Jinhe to enter the next 20 years of chemical industry. Looking at the future nowadays, we are treading as if on thin ice: for the transfer of customer demand, the change of macro-environment, the leap of technological development, etc., the failure to master the change of any element will put the enterprise in a passive position. In the face of difficulties and challenges, we should take the initiative to embrace the uncertainty, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit and struggle continuously to strive to become an enterprise with industry-research integration and comprehensive operation capability, which provides customers with the best solutions continuously on the basis of chemical biotechnology. 


  The old and new things change alternately and will not stagnate with the change of time. We will firmly master the industry technology and development trend of market demand, continue to inherit the fine traditions of the enterprise and strive to build a good atmosphere full of vitality and competitive resultant force; take precautions and carry out planning layout and resource reserve; wholeheartedly build a management and technical team that is good at fighting; control the risks and further improve the governance structure and mechanism; strive for progress, enlarge the investment in safety, environmental protection and resources, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness; serve customers to the greatest extent, repay the employees and the society, repay the investors, and make arduous efforts to become an outstanding 100-year enterprise!