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Food and beverage field
In food and beverage field, the company provides customers with high-quality food additive products, mainly including sweeteners: acesulfame and sucralose; spices: methyl maltol, ethyl maltol, methyl cyclopentenolone (MCP) and glucosyl steviol glycosides, and a complete set of application solutions for food and beverage. The products have been widely applied to carbonated beverages, functional beverages, fruit juice, milk tea, coconut juice, fresh tea beverages, dairy products, meat products, pastry, preserved fruit, betel nut and other food and beverages. Meanwhile, the company also provides application solutions for the products in food sub-fields, including dairy products, beverages, candies, baking, meat products, etc., to help the innovation in less-sugar healthy food and convey the concept of less-sugar healthy life. In the future, the company will continuously consolidate and enhance its existing advantages. While mastering the customers in advantageous industries and their demand trends, relying on the continuous progress of chemistry and biotechnology, the company will further promote the upgrading of products in food and beverage field and optimize the product structure. Moreover, in line with the Healthy China 2019-2030 development planning issued by the State Council, the company will promote the construction of food nutrition standard system, and take “LeSweet”, the first product in TO C field as the representative to open up a new field of sugar substitute industry.
Product Name Product Character Product Application Details
Ethyl Maltol
Chemical name: 3-hydroxy-2-ethyl-4-pyrone

Chemical name: 3-hydroxy-2-ethyl-4-pyrone

Molecular formula: C7H8O3

Molecular weight: 140.14 (according to 2007 international relative atomic mass)

Ethyl maltol is white crystalline powder or acicular crystal. As a kind of flavor modifier and flavor enhancer, it has the sweet flavor of roasted malt and caramel, and has the aroma of jam and the aroma similar to strawberry. With lasting aroma, it’s recognized as a kind of safe and reliable food additive with small dosage and significant effect. In addition, it is a good fragrance synergist for tobacco, food, beverage, essence, fruit wine, daily cosmetics, etc., has significant effect on improving and enhancing the flavor of food, plays a role in sweetening the sweet food, and can prolong the storage period of food. MORE
Chemical name: 3-hydroxy-2-methyl-4-pyrone

Molecular formula: C6H6O3

Molecular weight: 126.11 (according to 2007 International Relative Atomic Mass)

Maltol is a kind of broad-spectrum fragrance synergist, which plays a role in enhancing and consolidating the fragrance and sweetening. It can be used for the preparation of edible spices, etc., is widely used in food, beverage and other industries, and has significant effect. MORE
Methyl Cyclopentenolone

Molecular formula: C6H8O2

Molecular weight: 112.13 (according to 2007 International Relative Atomic Mass)

Main use: food flavor enhancer MORE
Glucosyl Steviol Glycosides
(Natural and food spices)
Glucosyl Steviol G-lycosides(glucoside stevioside) was obtained from Stevia leaf by glucoylation of stevioside extracted from Stevia leaf by enzymatic method and then evaporated and spray dried to obtain glucoside stevioside. Glucosyl steviol glycoside is used as a kind of food additive spice in China, and is not limited by the usage amount: it can be hidden in the spice in the ingredient list, does not need to be indicated separately, and can play the role of clean label. MORE