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Molecular formula       C5H12O4

molecular weight       136.1464

CAS number       115-77-5

Consulting hotline13956316220 (Manager Wu)

Product Specification and Packing Specification

Pentaerythritol shall be packaged in composite plastic woven bags, paper-plastic compound bags or other suitable packing materials. The net content of each bag is 25kg, 500kg or 750kg. Or it shall be packaged according to the users’ requirements in the condition of meeting the safety requirements.

Product Application

It’s mainly used to produce unsaturated polyester resin, polyester powder coating, oil-free alkyd resin, polyurethane foam plastic, i.e., plasticizer of elastomer, synthetic plasticizer, surfactant, insulating material, printing ink, polymerization inhibitor, synthetic aviation lubricating oil additive, etc. In addition, it has also been applied in the pharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile, neopentyl glycol is also an excellent solvent and can be used for the selective separation of aromatic hydrocarbon and cycloalkyl hydrocarbon.