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Hydrogen peroxide

Molecular formula     H2O2

molecular weight     34.01

CAS number     7722-84-1

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Product Specification and Packing Specification

Hydrogen peroxide shall be transported only by all-steel storage tank car, and sufficient stabilizer should be added to the hydrogen peroxide. During the transportation, it’s required to ensure that the container will not leak, collapse, fall or damage. It is strictly prohibited to mix it with acids, inflammables, organic matters, reducing agents, spontaneous combustion articles, inflammable articles in case of humidness, etc. During the transportation, the vehicle speed should not be too high and dangerous lane change is not allowed. Before and after the loading and unloading, the transportation vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned and washed. It is strictly prohibited to mix organic matters, inflammables and other impurities with it.

Product Application

There are three uses of hydrogen peroxide, i.e., medical use, military use and industrial use. Medical hydrogen peroxide is used for daily disinfection, which can kill pathogenic entero becteria, pyogenic cocci and pathogenic yeasts, and is generally used for object surface disinfection.