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Sulfuric acid

Molecular formula      H₂SO₄

molecular weight      98.078

CAS number      7664-93-9

Consulting hotline13956316220 (Manager Wu)

Product Specification and Packing Specification

Acid-resistant jar or ceramic bottle with common wooden case or semi-lattice wooden case outside, and frosted glass bottle or threaded glass bottle with common wooden case outside shall be adopted. Precautions for transportation: for railway transportation, the product can only be transported by the tank car prepared by the steel enterprise, and the approval of relevant department shall be obtained before the shipment. For non-canned railway transportation, the loading shall be carried out in strict accordance with the dangerous goods loading table in Dangerous Goods Transportation Rules of the Ministry of Railways. During the shipment, the packaging shall be complete and the loading shall be safe. In the process of transportation, it’s required to ensure that the container will not leak, collapse, fall or damage. It is strictly prohibited to mix it with inflammable or combustible materials, reducing agents, alkalis, alkali metals, edible chemicals, etc. During the transportation, the transportation vehicle shall be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment, and it shall be protected from sun exposure, rain and high temperature. During road transportation, it’s required to follow the prescribed route, and do not stay in residential areas and densely populated areas.

Product Application

It can make phosphate fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer by using its acidity; remove the rust; and prepare the sulfate with great practical value.