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Molecular formula       C3H6N6

molecular weight       126.15

CAS number       108-78-1

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Product Specification and Packing Specification

a) Double-layer packaging: the outer packaging shall adopt type-B plastic woven bag specified in GB/T8946-2013, and inner packaging shall adopt polyethylene plastic film bag with the opening of film bag bound and the opening of woven bag sewn. The net weight of each bag is 25kg±0.1kg or 40kg±0.2kg. b) Flexible container packaging: flexible container shall be adopted, and its specification, dimension, performance and inspection method shall conform to relevant provisions of GB/T10454. According to the user needs, the net weight of each bag can be 250kg±0.5kg, 500kg±1.0kg and 1000kg±2.0kg. Or it shall be packaged according to the users’ requirements in the condition of meeting the safety requirements.

Product Application

It can produce melamine resin with formaldehyde through condensation polymerization, be used in plastics and coating industry, and also be used as anti-crease and anti-shrink treatment agent for textiles. Its modified resin can be used as metal coating with bright color, high durability and good hardness. In addition, it can also be used for firm and heat-resisting decorative sheets, moisture-proof paper and gray leather tanning agents, the adhesives for composite fireproof laminates, fixing agents or hardening agents of waterproofing agents, etc. The 582 melamine resin made by melamine, formaldehyde and butanol can be used as the leveling agent of solvent-type polyurethane coating with good effect.