Nanjing Jinhe Yikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Date:2019-08-08 Views:2458

Nanjing Jinhe Yikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to application, research and development and market exploration of health sweeteners, spices and similar products; the company owns a complete R&D system containing several first-class application engineers who meticulously create solutions for product application in the foodstuff industry; and it boasts an unique advantage especially at application of sweet raw materials and designs reasonable combinations for its clients based on different performances of various sweet raw materials; and the company has its products of LoveSugar brand zero-calorie table sugar and typical low-sugar syrup launched to the public and constantly betters its brand awareness among the consumers to change the Chinese sugar-related habits.

Address: Fl.9, Bldg.E1, Nanjing University of Technology, No.15, Wanshou Road, Jiangpu Subdistrict, Pukou District, Nanjing

Tel.: 025-85566055