Xing Xianjun—independent director

Date:2022-04-16 Views:1817

     Mr. Xing Xianjun, the Han nationality, was born in December 1964.He has a Master degree and is a Senior Engineer, the professor of University of Science and Technology of China and Institute of Advanced Energy Technology and Equipment of Hefei University of Technology, without permanent right of residence abroad.

He once served as a technician of Anhui Petrochemical Machinery Factory, assistant to the director of Anhui boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Institute, Vice president of Anhui Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute and chairman of Anhui Xinneng Electric Technology Co., Ltd. From September 2011 to June 2013, he worked in Shenwan Energy Co., Ltd.

From June 2013, he has been working in Anhui Institute of Metrology . He has successively served as the manager of Strategic Development Department of Shenwan Energy Co., Ltd., and vice president of Anhui Institute of Metrology. Now he is the vice president of Anhui Institute of Metrology ,Adjunct professor of University of Science & Technology China, and Dean of advanced energy technology and equipment research of Hefei University of Technology.