Combining the biotechnological advantages of COFCO, advantages of industrial base of Anhui Jinhe Industrial and industrial demand direction, the biotechnology group established Jinhe Yikang (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. jointly with COFCO Biotechnology in Beijing COFCO NHRI to continuously upgrade the quality of existing products to meet customer needs, search for new products with application potential and iterative capability, and boldly carry out exploration and trial on the premise that existing technologies can support. Relying on the powerful platform foundation of COFCO Group and the first-rate R&D strength and equipment in China, it focuses on the research of production technology of natural food additives, including the front-end molecular biology working group, enzyme engineering group, fermentation engineering group, separation engineering group, middle-end pilot test group and later-period production and construction group, to form a complete set of systems from R&D to production. All working groups will share the advanced scientific instruments and equipment in COFCO and reasonably select the corresponding varieties for research.


The molecular biology R&D operating platform screens microbial varieties that meet production requirements by means of gene mutation and recombination.


The enzyme engineering operating platform detects the achievements of molecular biology platform through small-batch fermentation, and simultaneously undertakes the work of enzyme separation and purification, optimization of reaction conditions, etc.


The fermentation platform has 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 30L and 50L full-automatic fermentation devices, which are used for fermentation culture of microorganisms, the development of fermentation technology and optimization of conditions.


The separation group separates, concentrates and dries the small test samples through different separation methods, determines the separation process and optimizes the separation conditions.