The Fine Chemical Quality Control Department has 45 employees now, including 13 QA quality management persons and 32 QC persons, who are responsible for the supervision and inspection, release and quality control work of fine chemical products of the company.


We are the product quality control department. The company has been adhering to the concept that “customer requirements are standards” to not only provide customers with satisfactory products, but also provide customers with a comfortable production process. We have a high-quality testing team and high-performance testing equipment, as well as a number of large-scale analytical instruments, including Waters and Shimadzu liquid chromatography, PE and Agilent gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometer and atomic fluorescence spectrometer, etc. All physical and chemical indexes of various products can be tested by ourselves. We have a microbiological testing room to conduct microbiological testing control of the environment, personnel, equipment and products.