The company continuously innovates and develops healthy and safe food ingredients. From the perspective of market demand, the company pays attention to the construction of food application R&D team. The application R&D team, based on the enterprise culture of the company and its own duties, closely cooperates with the chemical biotechnology team to continuously improve the product quality, and closely integrates with the market to provide market development technical services. The team has a deep foundation in food technology R&D, and can develop healthy and safe food schemes that satisfy customer requirements according to different demands of the customers and the market.


In the food application R&D team, the proportion of professional and technical talents in food with bachelor’s degree or above is 100%. The team members come from famous food professional universities such as Jiangnan University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Northeast Agricultural University, etc. respectively, and it has set up Jinhe Healthy Food Application Laboratory jointly with local universities. The team is committed to the research of food application technology by technical exchanges and other means with a view to obtaining more achievement transformation and implementation.


Relying on Jinhe Healthy Food Application Laboratory, the food application technology team can provide complete solutions for the application of healthy sweet products and spices. Through the performance difference of different sweet raw materials, it can design reasonable combinations for the customers. Combining the functions of different ingredients, it can bring a fuller taste to the products. The complete team support and advanced R&D equipment can deeply meet the product demands of different customers.


Jinhe Healthy Food Application Laboratory

Product taste testing work under close cooperation with chemical biotechnology team

Market development technical service work closely combined with the market

Cooperation with local universities and enterprises